Martinelli wants his money back

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Martinelli doing the Financial Pacific zombie Bernie danceCountry in turmoil over the Financial Pacific scandal. Opposition demands investigations. Balbina Herrera, PRD former presidential candidate, says that this is now an international scandal and we need to get to the bottom of it. Milton Henriquez claims that crimes may have been committed in Canada and the US as well.

Meanwhile, our valued Minister of Arms Trafficking and Money Laundering Tourism, the Martinelli loyalist Salo Shamah, met with the Financial Pacific boss West Valdés, ultra-secretly! Valdés was at the Bristol Hotel, and then Shamah arrived, and Valdés got in Shamah's car for ten minutes - sort of like a street prostitutes kind of thing - and then Shamah left again.

What were they discussing? We don't know. But just a bit later, Martinelli stated that he wanted the competent authorities (his cronies) to fully investigate the whole thing, and that the shareholders and account holders should get their money back. That included himself, he said, as indeed he has an account with the crooked brokerage firm.

Isn't that beautiful, a president who puts the interest of the victims - himself included - before the trashed reputation of Panama's finance sector? We think so too. It's of a poetic, Berlusconiesque beauty. Let's just hope for our supermarket king that he won't end up like his Italian mentor, money wise.

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