Italy versus Martinelli

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Uh oh... The Italian justice people are going after our beloved president and Italian citizen Ricky Martinelli! Accusation: taking bribes. How and for what? Well, it seems that Martinelli's once best friend Valter Lavitola has been singing like a bird while in Argentina, and he paid bribes to Martinelli to obtain de contract for building new prisons.

Works like this: you let me build the prisons against an inflated price and as a thank you for that favor I pay you something under the table.

Lavitola, La Estrella reports, was driven around in Panama in a government car and had government body guards. They have that from Italian justice sources. Earlier, emails from Lavitola were revealed, showing his attempts at meddling in Panama Canal affairs.

The prisons are likely just the tip of the iceberg. There are also persistent accusations of corruption in a deal worth hundreds of millions of dollars to purchase useless coastal radar systems from an Italian company.

Martinelli himself denies everything. Nobody believes him. Will Italy start prosecuting him?

3 thoughts on “Italy versus Martinelli

  1. Has any one ever in Panama been prosecuted and or convicted for bribery at the legislative or executive level much less by a foreign power? Excluding coups or invasions…

  2. Why do you think Panama rejoined PARLACEN?

    So, This Criminal Martinelli Governemnt would receive some sort of Ad Hoc Immunity!

    Under the PARLACEN treaty as a member you automatically receive ten years of Immunity after serving under the treaty??

    “As long as people believe in absurdities they will continue to commit atrocities”

    “Panama where the numbers never add up”

  3. The biggest gangster of Panama, according to a former Panamanian president. I also love Matinelli’s motto “Los locos somos mas” he never lied to the people, he is a serious nut case, running his business, now a country! Scary thought right!.
    Another one of his motto “They get into politics as poor dogs, leaving very wealth”, but he never said about the ones who get into politics “being millionaires and leaving multimillionaires” did he? This Pirate country is a Gangsters paradise. Come live here fellow Pirates, it is better than Port Royal.

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