Blandón destroys Jumbo Man

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José Isabel Blandón, legislator and shady lawyer, is always in the middle of very important things. During the dark days of the military coup in Honduras, he traveled to that country to assist the new regime in its anti-tobacco efforts. He came back and became the legal guardian of Bosco the Clown, the incorruptibly visionary mayor of Panama City. Then he found time to make political statements about the government alliance and how it broke up and what not. And now he has taken on a new enemy: Jumbo Man.

Jumbo Man is a cartoon figure who plays Martinelli in TV spots promoting the Jumbo Ferias, which are a sort of public markets where the poor can buy groceries and other stuff in retail quantities at wholesale prices, just like Hugo Chavez has in Venezuela, but Panama style. And Blandón doesn't like the fact that Jumbo Man is dressed in Cambio Democratico colors, which would be illegal propaganda, and so he is going to destroy Jumbo Man, alone, in a public fight, paid for by tax payers.

One thought on “Blandón destroys Jumbo Man

  1. It is about time the Citizens question all these Pro Martinelli commercials on all the TV stations here in Panama!

    These are public funds being used to show the Fraud committed by the utterly False claims these commercials demonstrate.

    This Criminal Martinelli Government has taken Corruption to the next level!

    “Panama where the numbers never add up”

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