(UPDATED) Showtime! Monte Friesner’s apartment being sequestered

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Nazarova in the kitchen of the Bellagio apartment, soon to be empty

POLICE, lawyers, a court official and a locksmith as well as three moving trucks just showed up at the prestigious Bellagio Tower in upscale Punta Pacifica. As we speak, the authorities are emptying the apartment in the Bellagio Tower where Monte Friesner and his wife/accomplice Tatiana Nazarova live, following a court ordered secuestro. The couple owes about $60,000 in rent and has, despite numerous promises, failed to pay.

When the sequester is done, they have 7 days to pay back rent, legal and court cost, or otherwise the sequestered assets are auctioned.

"If he moves other furniture to the apartment we will sequester that as well", the landlord told Bananama Republic, adding, "He fucked with the wrong person this time".

The action is just part of a myriad of legal and financial problems Friesner and Nazarova face, ranging from criminal defamation to mortgage fraud.

Refresh this page for updates which we'll post as events unfold!

UPDATE 12:34: They're still doing inventory. Friesner isn't there. Reportedly, Tatiana Nazarova is frantically trying to come up with money. Probably won't work.

UPDATE 12:59: So, if they don't come up with the money - which is very likely - how does the auctioning work? Some info here.  Flatscreen, anyone?

UPDATE 13:07: Remember José García, Friesner's in-house lawyer who spent four years in jail for aggravated fraud before reaching a settlement with his victims? He's been on the scene most of the morning trying to reach some sort of settlement. Which we don't think is gonna succeed. Friesner, meanwhile, is at his office.

UPDATE 14:47: As they were finishing the inventory and getting ready to load up the trucks, Tatiana Nazarova showed up with enough cash to "satisfy the sequester", the moving party was stayed and a court-prepared agreement executed. That means Friesner can sleep in his own bed. The question is for how long, because as said, this was just a small part of his legal and financial troubles.

UPDATE 15:10: We just learned a bit more. Nazarova has now paid rent up to December 31st of last year, and still owes January 2011. As the landlord put it to your Bananama Republic: "I assure you I would rather have the money than the furniture". Papers are being filed to remove the fraudulent lien on the property placed by Herbert Young's company. The criminal case for mortgage fraud is alive and well and being investigated - verifying authenticity of evidence etc. - by the DIJ.

UPDATE 15:24: Emailed question from a reader: Where did she get the cash? Dipping into Pronto Cash cardholders accounts, maybe?

22 thoughts on “(UPDATED) Showtime! Monte Friesner’s apartment being sequestered

  1. are the lights still on at Pronto Cash? The Panama Sailing (sic) School?
    ah fuck, none of this would have happened if the smut blogger hadn’t killed his poodle.
    Remember Monte, it is always darkest just before dawn!

  2. It’s always darkest before it’s totally black, more like.

    And he fucked with the wrong people would be more accurate, so lay it on us poodlekillah…your fawning fans are lapping it up.

  3. Okke, can I have some pickled turnip and hot sauce in the pita pocket with my falafel ? oh, and extra tahini if you would be so kind.

  4. @Wocka Wocka: I hope Rony the Shitland Pony does. And then the rest of Friesner’s creditors show up wanting their money too, Ronnie never gets his back, no more people to go to, bigger mess. And we’re not even talking the criminal fraud cases yet!

  5. What a gongshow! Their furniture is worthless! He’s the cheapest guy I know. He where’s a Citizen watch from Walmart, and still has his prison shoes.
    So…if they come up with the rent money, what will the other creditors say?

  6. my cheeks hurt from smiling. I wonder if he could sell his wife. I mean he bought her, no? She has some mileage and a lot of wear n tear.
    I think the oil used on her was expired. Maybe he could trade her in for parts.
    cheeks still hurt.

  7. How low is this…Tatiana is scrambling to pay the money…likely slinging herself! And this guy monte is updating his vacant panama sailing school profile!

  8. It must be a bittersweet ending to the day for the poor landlord. He’s got his cash, but he’s still stuck with mr and mrs commodore, doctor Monte friesner, ph d. Cd. C.

  9. So under panama laws, if a tenant try’s to fraudulently steal and then sell their landlord’s property, they can still live there as long as they pay rent? Cool! Note to self.

  10. This was a sequester, not an eviction, which is a separate process. Plus the criminal case is moving ahead rapidly – Friesner and Nazarova may well be placed in preventive custody.

  11. So does that mean if they are placed in preventive custody their flat screen TV and Piano will be on sale? Keep us posted, I am sure some will want to be there when the big discount sale begins.

  12. Is the poodle murder case still progressing through the panama legal system?

  13. WOW, does this means that don the Wanker and Clipto clyde sold all their High value Iment gold mining stocks to help their dear old Buddy!

    Yea, right!

    Birds of a feather flock together!

    Or did the wanker deduct funds for all his expenses from the poor dude from Canada in the Hospital in Colon to help out his bro?

    Let see if the wanker covers this event in his usual blow me off dude idolatry he is so very versatile with!

  14. Mocking the AHOTY when he was still “wealthy” was actually quite funny; but going on and on “beating a dead horse” can only be described as “schadenfreude”.

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