Martinelli implicated in arms trafficking

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After persistent accusations of money laundering, narco campaign donations and ties with drug trafficking, FRENADESO is implicating president Martinelli in arms trafficking.

According to an article on Kaos en la Red, Martinelli's cousin, Guido Martinelli, is subject of the same investigation by Colombian security agency DAS that earlier implicated tourism minister Shamah in the sales of arms to Colombian armed groups (read: paramilitaries).

Guido Martinelli serves as Panama's ambassador to Italy - which we are sure is exclusively because of his excellent diplomatic qualifications.

The arms trafficking ring reportedly consisted of Salomo Shamah, Guido Martinelli and businessman Mario Guardia Durfee. The arms, bought in Central America and other countries, were stashed on land owned by Guardia Durfee in Bocas del Toro before being shipped to Colombia.

That land is the very same land where the indigenous Naso people used to live before the police moved in, destroyed their village and threw them off their land on behalf of a Canadian company building a hydroelectric dam and of aforementioned Mario Guardia Durfee, whose daytime job is that of one of west-Panama's largest cattle ranchers.

According to Almanaque Azul, he is also owner of a company called Unisys World Trade, which became notorious in 2003 for defrauding the National Lottery for $14 million, by selling products and services that were never delivered.

6 thoughts on “Martinelli implicated in arms trafficking

  1. SubComisionado Nelson was victim of some seeded drug in his cars … why?
    Because he was messing with RM´s bosses – the Beltran-Leyvas – …
    All of the Drug Prosecutors have been removed … why?
    Mexico´s Cartels ruling over Panama

  2. Gee whiz!

    I guess you are about the only other individual on this blog that senses this!

    As I stated in the Past Panama is now just like Mexico fifteen years ago or so!

    The S0-called Cartels have had a true hold on this Government and the so-called National Police for over fifty years now!

    The same confiscated drugs shown over and over, Just the plastic and tape change every once in a while!

    They never if ever test these drugs and when they do the purple is so light it is most likely a false positive!

    The is just the tip of the cocaine Kilo?

    You have to ask yourself one thing for sure, why are there not more political or rich individuals and their families ever kidnapped and/or held in Police custody?

    Why is there almost complete Police immunity for capital crimes against Panamanians under Law 30?

    Panama has been and always has answered to the ones with the most money!

    One must ask how any of these Government Minister and their subordinates down to their private secretaries(their wives rarely work) can afford to drive forty to sixty thousand dollar SUV’s(three years old or less), live in Two hundred thousand or more expensive homes and/or apartments, and sent each of their children(usually two or more) to $500.00 per child a month private schools!

    On average salaries of three thousand dollars as an average monthly wage for all of them( I am being conservative with these amounts)?

    Gee, it seems that they must have two or more jobs just to pay for the food and the schools?

    We will never know the true here!

    They write laws to protect one another before and during these crimes against the people?

    Just look at British American health Insurance Fraud, the Insurance Commissioner author a law that keeps all the information about the Miss dealings and fraud committed by himself, the previous Insurance Commissioner and others under their control from being investigated or interviewed for these fraudulent illegal dealings!

    It was just published in the Gazette om Wednesday 8 September 2010, It was writing three days after the collapse of British American health Insurance and held for over thirty days without public input and made law under the table!

    So if they can give ten million dollars to an absent owner in another country just think how much money they can move with out any restrictions or questions?

    “Panama where the numbers never ad up”

  3. Hellloooo Mr. diaz, apparently you just discovered America… Of course people in power and their family and friends get richer in the process. Tell us something we don’t know. Why do you think so many PRD deputies switch party to join the CD?

  4. Quite a few years ago an investigative journalist discovered that thanks to the “war on drugs” there was a coca mutation, termed “supercoca” or “boliviana negra”, fully resistant to roundup / glyphosate. Due to fumigation with airplanes, huge areas in Colombia (too) became useless to grow crops and only served to cultivate supercoca, greatly helped by that fumigation, a free and US supported service to remove the weeds.

    Since then things only worsened, the ‘war on terror” has resulted in record poppy harvests in Afghanistan as those crops now are protected by the US (NATO) army, with in Russia alone, more than 30,000 people per year, dead due to heroin.

    But without the semblance of prohibition of and the bogus war on drugs, profits would be much lower. High profits from drugs are required because money to destabilize nations (think so called “color” revolutions in Eastern Europe and Asia) cannot be part of the official bookkeeping in the world’s biggest banana republic.

    From that perspective, what happens in Latin America is predictable, and the only event required for another US invasion would be for Martinelli claiming to reintroduce the Balboa in “the war on imported inflation”.

  5. The real truth about the bogus war on drugs:

    The Collapse
    (excellent documentary on US Government drug trafficking)

    Michael Ruppert, ex drug detective LAPD, Ex DEA agent

    Part one:

    Part Two:

    This leaves very little doubt why we have the drug cartels of today!

    Watch and weep as we watch the world economy, the food , and water supplies dwindle into the control of the Multi-national Corporations!!

  6. Multinationals aim to make as much profit as possible, whatever the damage to the environment and eventually over dead bodies. That the planetary life-support system gets damaged beyond repair to continue “life as usual” is immaterial to the shareholders of such companies as long as they believe in the dictum “money buys everything”.

    As the US corporate plutocracy dictates policies in Latin America, people like Martinelli are supposed to keep up a smokescreen of chasing drug traffickers while at the same time ensuring maximum profits for Washington. That also implies measures to keep the bogus war on drugs going, serving interests of arms and herbicide corporations as well. But too much “bad” publicity like in Martinelli’s case and “freedom and democracy” have to be restored.

    There already are countless reports on super weeds / supermalesas especially due to use of Monsanto’s roundup / glyphosate but when taking a look in shops selling agrochemicals, shelves are full of glyphosate, the herbicide that can be used indiscriminately on Monsanto’s plants because they’ve been designed to resist it. The genes with that resistance are “out in the wild” already, also in the US.

    Research mainly in Europe has shown horrific genetic damage to lab animals (3rd generation of rats fed GM corn, infertile, liver malfunctions etc.) but farmers in Central America have little or no access to the info. From that perspective, Martinelli’s promise for free Internet was a good idea. It’s unlikely the links on supermalesas, supercoca and transgenicos could have been filtered out by an eventual censor.

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