Costa Rican Supreme Court Temporarily Halts Entry of US Military

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By Jamie Way, for Narco News

The Costa Rican Supreme Court last week agreed to take a case challenging the constitutionality of a US-Costa Rican agreement that would allow for a massive US military presence. The agreement cannot go into effect until the Supreme Court rules, thus postponing the arrival of US forces.

On July 1, Costa Rica’s unicameral Legislative Assembly, with 31 votes out of 57, approved the US Embassy’s request to open the country to 46 US warships, 7,000 US soldiers, 200 helicopters and two aircraft carriers. This permission was granted through at least Dec. 31 of this year, officially justified by the necessity of fighting drug-traffickers, providing humanitarian services and providing a place for US ships to dock and refuel. While most reports have put a Dec. 31 expiration date on the agreement, the Nicaraguan media last week reported that Costa Rican Foreign Minister Rene Castro, in a meeting with Nicaraguan Foreign Minister Samuel Santos, said that the agreement is for five years..... Continue reading and watch video on the Narco News Bulletin, here.

3 thoughts on “Costa Rican Supreme Court Temporarily Halts Entry of US Military

  1. Looks like a a similar case of provocation that was used in Iraq and now Iran, Uzbekistan( all the Tans in the region), and of course Pakistan?

    No WMD’s here or there just a lot of oil and Natural gas lying to the south and east of us?

    Colombia, Ecuador, Peru. Bolivia, Chile, Brazil, and the big one right now Venezuela?

    Could this be the percussor to wars over Oil, Natural Gas, and Natural resources here in Latin America?

    So many questions and just a few right answers!

    Hold on to your hat the ride the next few years is going to go ape sh-t here!

    Peak Oil, peak water, peak food all on a collision course and Latin America is the next point on the list!

  2. This was possible because Institutions still work in Costa Rica.

    Here in Panama, the Supreme Court would have been a Satellite of RM

  3. What this is really all about is preparation for the “Union of the Americas” takeover of Central and South America. This is similar to the EU organization.

    You currently have the “North American Alliance”, of the USA, Mexico and Canada. The Trilateralists want the whole Western hemisphere organized under one “Union” like the EU to advance their “1 World, 1 Government” program.

    The CAFTA agreements were suppose to be the initial takeover of the sovereign countries, but as more time has passed and those countries have actually read these agreements and realized what they actually were, they have either refused to sign or want huge modifications to them. The USA doesn’t like that so they are now trying to force their way into these Countries under the guise of the phony “Drug War” crap.

    This way the intimidation factor will be in place for “assistance” in putting down any resistance to Constitutional changes in Countries resisting the new “Union”.

    Panama and Costa Rica are key players in this scheme. Costa Rica has long gone down and now with Obamamama’s man Martinelli in deep shit, the USA is moving to control Panama with no resistance from Narconelli. Case in point, the new air base in the Darien that apparently nobody was informed about, until the locals started asking questions. Hmmm.

    Enough from me, I’m starting to get carried away with this rant. It’s time for the Expat community to stand up and tell the USA to stay the fuck out and Narconelli hands off the gringo’s!!!!

    All I can say is, I’ll not be going quietly!!!!

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