Former US Air Force member Donald Winner calls for assassination of Hugo Chavez

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Donald Kent Winner, here on an old picture

Donald Kent Winner, a retired US Air Force member who runs an extreme right-wing website where he promotes scams and frauds in Panama together with a pro-dictatorship political agenda, is openly calling for the assassination of Hugo Chavez, the head of state of a friendly nation. This is a crime in Panama, and a serious one. Winner made his remarks below a translated piece from La Prensa about Panama offering to play a mediating role between Colombia and Venezuela.

Writes Winner:

"...and if Chavez doesn't see things our way, then we'll pop a cap and load his ass up with some bird shot, like we do with the rest of those left wing commie bastards..." While he's here in Panama Hugo can check on his employees, SUNTRACS, FRENADESO, FER-29, and Balbina Herrera. Hey, everyone knows that Chavez is running coke through Cuba to the US, right? Just checking... He has the FARC in Caracas because, you know, they get the best blow. 'Alo, Presidente... (snort)

At least two people recently died in Bocas as a result of this birdshot. In 2000, international terrorist Posada Carriles - the Bin Laden of the Américas - was arrested in Panama together with several accomplices for plotting to blow up Fidel Castro in a University auditorium. From Posada's entourage, one hears similar calls for assassinating Chavez as the ones Don Winner is venting on his blog, leaving one wondering if Winner might be actually involved in such a plot.

Panamanian authorities - not amused by Winner's call as they try to mediate peace between Colombia and Venezuela - assured Bananama Republic that they take threats like these very seriously. Hugo Chavez is also scheduled to visit Panama within months.

Officials from the US embassy (where Winner is non grata at any embassy event) could not immediately be reached for comment.

(Winner may of course take down his comments. Here's a pdf mirror of his front page, it's the story right below a fluff piece for Casa Selva del Mar).

7 thoughts on “Former US Air Force member Donald Winner calls for assassination of Hugo Chavez

  1. We see a clear case of “apology of crime”.
    Panamanian authorities do not need these alternative ambassadors of doom.
    Neither Panamanian people.

  2. as an american it saddens me to listen to my countrymen suggest actions that are clearly illegal,,,,, and against our moral core….. this so called military leader is an embarressment to all good americans

  3. Don the Wanker was a career Airman in the USAF! Seems he is a Expert on all things that have to do with MI(self proclaimed)!! As you can see by his rantings and ravings he is a very unstable mentally and has some sort of Tourette’s syndrome! At times he is totally out of control with his support and promotion of illegal and legal prostitution and the white slavery trade in Panama! He writes about these subjects like an over sex obsessed man with serious sexual compatibility issues!

  4. what is MI, and still, what exactly did he DO. Did he sweep the planes, did he cook, did he pilot the planes? I am sorry to say I missed the prostitution and white slave trade articles. Sounds fascinating.

  5. I just know that this Don Winner even the panamanian media are consulting him about the Wild Bill Case as if he was an expert in investigation and to me he just wants his five minutes of fame and who cares. He is not a journalist and he can not get the fact straight.

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