Protests in Spain against Martinelli

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Demonstration in front of the Panamanian consulate in Barcelona

Panama is living through a national strike today which will last 24 hours. There are protests in the country as well as the capital going on; students closed the Transistmica for a while, and the unions assembled in Parque Porras after small groups had closed streets here and there for short amounts of time.

Quote of the day came from Martinelli's mafia lawyer minister of labor Alma Cortés, who said that the government is not persecuting union leaders, "we only persecute anarchists and radicals".

If the Martinelli buffoons had any fantasies about promoting Panama's image as a modern and safe place to do business, they can kiss those farewell after the majestic screw-up with the sausage law. Protests against the brutal repression we're living through here - violation of the democratic process, detaining journalists, rounding up political opponents, manipulation of the legal/judicial system, killing activists and even babies - have now even spread to Spain!

Spanish labor unionists protested in front of the Panamanian consulate in Barcelona calling Martinelli a "murderer", demanding an end to the repression of dissent and violence against workers and in general mopping the floor with the Martinelli bunch of thugs that passes for "government" in Panama. And Martinelli can't send Gustavo Perez and his assassins to "restore order"! Here are the images:

The Panamanian consul in Barcelona, as we reported earlier, is a nephew of Panama's First Lady.

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