Panama’s brilliant intelligence service – anyone know these guys?

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Secret Panama agents leaving Jované's house without having accomplished their classified mission (click for bigger view).

We always thought that the Mossad was the best intelligence agency in the world, but after events of today we will have to review that opinion.

Minister Mulino's super-secret spies today were shown with their latest brilliant ploy: Calling PRD people while posing as Bocas activists, asking for advice. Then some of these PRD geniuses would walk right into that trap and tell them to "keep up the struggle". A bit of editing, a bit of voice enhancing, and you have a propaganda piece ready to go!

More fun with phones: They're also doing the anonymous "I know where you live" mobster routine, Eric Jackson told us after himself receiving one of those calls.

Also, in the picture are shown the three clowns who showed up at Juan Jované's house. They were dressed as civilians, civilian unmarked car, didn't identify themselves, told Jované he needed to come with them, they didn't produce a warrant or anything like that, and when friends and fellow activists arrived within minutes they a sort of took off.

Now here's your homework, dear Bananama Republic reader. We want to know who these three men are. Names, numbers, rank, previous experience, everything. Plus we want to know whose car this is. Do you work at a car insurance company? That means you can access the ATTT database and find out for us. Please do. Are you an honorable policeman? Please check with that pelepolicia thing for us.  We want to know where THEY live for a change!

4 thoughts on “Panama’s brilliant intelligence service – anyone know these guys?

  1. Could that be a rented car from the govt rented flotilla?
    There is also a way to know that …

    There is nothing to fear but fear itself…!

  2. From the photograph we can infere the following:
    1) The truck’s license plate has expired (2009).
    2) The three stooges are out of shape.
    3) The guy with the baseball cap appears to have a badge on his chest

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