Mulino, his advisor, the narcos and murder

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After Martinelli, Raul Mulino now implicated in narco-scandal

President Martinelli is not the only one in our government who hasn't been able to refute allegations of all sorts of ties with drug trafficking and money laundering; our Minister of Security Raul Mulino now finds himself in the line of fire too.

Legislator Marcos González presented various pictures showing Mulino's closest advisor, Eduardo “Rumba” Alfaro, meeting with various narco kingpins in Panamanian prisons.

Alfaro, says González, met with gang leaders Jorge Rubén Camargo Clarke and Moisés Palacios as well as one Pedro Antonio Solís, a Mexican who is allegedly a member of the Sinaloa cartel. Camargo and Palacios have since been killed.

The pictures were given to González by lawyer Javier Justiniani, who was also assassinated only days later.

La Prensa reported in March of this year already that Mulino's advisor Eduardo Alfaro was meeting with high-profile criminals and even taking them out of prison for that purpose, apparently to solicit bribes in exchange for parole or even pardons.

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