Panama is open for business (2): Government: “Contract? What contract?”

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Panama is open for business

Panama is open for Business!

We keep hearing TONS of Martinelli propaganda about how Panama is open for business. He will transform our country into the best place to do business in the Americas. Investors will flock to all the money making opportunities, from Economic Special Zones to breast implants. The sky is the limit now that we have obtained investment grade from Fitch (S&P refuses to upgrade Panama so far).

So you'd think that our fearless government would do anything to uphold the illusion, right?


Investment grade or not, open for business or not; the government is doing its utmost best to uphold Panama's reputation as the cave of Ali Baba and the den of juega vivo.

Today, we learned that the ambassador of Bolivia is complaining because a Bolivian company, Aguilar y Asociados, has a contract with the Public Ministry and now our pseudo-procurador Bonissi pretends he knows of no contract because that fits the Martinelli clique's political games du jour.

At the same time, the president of that other robbers den, the National Assembly, states in La Prensa that a contract with Spanish corporation Icasur to build the new building for our parliament is - well, it is of course there, but it is not valid, in reality, because of bureaucracy and because it doesn't suit us at this moment and we have already been bribed by another corporation.

Legal security, anyone?

So, forget about any help from the Spanish and Bolivian (best performing economy in all of LatAm in 2009) authorities to convince their entrepreneurs to do business with these, ummm, maleantes de mierda?

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