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José Miguel Insulza

"Moreover, in our region, the state is not the only source of restrictions on freedom of expression. Another, very important source is the concentration of media ownership in the hands of a few. What happens frequently in these circumstances is that people are not given all the points of view regarding matters of concern to them. Clearly this does not contribute to the effective exercise of freedom of expression and democracy, which involves pluralism and diversity. It is almost universally accepted today that concentration and monopolies in media ownership and control, regardless of whether at the hands of states, individuals, or businesses, impair pluralism, which is a basic component of freedom of expression. For example, the European Parliament recently said that “democracy would be threatened if any single voice, with the power to propagate a single viewpoint, were to become too dominant ….” This danger exists today with regard to media ownership in various countries of our Hemisphere."

(From the introductory remarks at the seminar for Caribbean journalists, June 18, 2007)

Of course, nothing came of Panama's wet dreams about having the narco guy replace him.

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