Papadimitriu contracts a swiftboater and hangs out with former Karl Rove deputy

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President Martinelli, inspecting the guard of honor, dressed as if going gardening

Martinelli, here going to plant bananas in Honduras

Remember George W. Bush, that guy who was president of the USA before Hopey took office? Yes, that one. Most hated US president worldwide ever. Worst president in the history of the USA. So unpopular that we needed a new word for unpopular.

So guess what? Our visionary government has hired the guys who were responsible for that debacle, so they can repeat the trick with Martinelli!

According to La Prensa, minister Papadimitriu has contracted Terry Holt for $15,000 per month to improve Panama's and Mentirelli's image abroad. Who's Terry Holt? Says SourceWatch:

Terry Holt is a partner in the Republican lobbying firm HDMK. Holt most recently worked as the National Spokesman for Bush-Cheney '04 Inc.and previously served as a senior adviser to the Republican National Committee.

And he shares the unlimited love of Martinelli & Co for being rude assholes:

One of Holt's staffers, Susan Sheybani, caused controversy in late July 2004. A reporter overheard her saying of workers unhappy with their low quality jobs: "Why don't they get new jobs if they're unhappy -- or go on Prozac?" [1] The timing of her goof was unfortunate, coming shortly after the launch of a GOP-sponsored volunteering effort called Compassion Across America.


In March 2004, Holt was quoted by the Washington Post saying "John Kerry's campaign seems to be summed up this way: I went to Vietnam, yadda, yadda, yadda, I want to be president."

On MSNBC's Hardball in May 2004, Holt said "But in John Kerry's case, he went to Vietnam. He took his own photo camera, by the way, so he could get some good pictures... As soon as he came home, after just a few short months, he began running for political office on an anti-war campaign". An outraged Kerry campaign reacted to the attack by demanding an apology.

The same story in La Prensa has Papadimitriu admitting that he hangs out with one Barry Jackson. That guy's even a bigger piece of work from the Bush era:

Barry Jackson, Karl Rove's "longtime deputy", was named September 4, 2007, to serve as Assistant to President George W. Bush for Strategic Initiatives and External Affairs, which "puts him in charge for managing the White House offices of Political Affairs, Public Liaison, Intergovernmental Affairs, and Strategic Initiatives."

Jackson was "one of the White House employees discovered to be using RNC email accounts to e-mail an associate of disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff."

In part, Jackson replaces Peter Wehner, who ran the Office of Strategic Initiatives until March 2007. In March 2001, Jackson preceded Wehner in the same position.

Isn't it just great yet a bit sad too, to see these former Bush flunkies have their opportunities limited to a banana republic? We, at any rate, applaud it. Together with Martinelli's proverbial talent to screw up, we can probably have this government in tatters within a year now that these guys are on board.

Don't believe us? Remember how Balbina Herrera hired another Republican, Mark Klugman, to help her get elected president? Well......

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