War criminal Gustavo Perez complains about his honor

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Gustavo Perez de la Ossa, condemned hostage taker

Our war criminal police chief, just back from his trip to the Middle East with Martinelli, complains in El Panama America that his honor is affected by publications accusing him of war crimes.

It's like Martinelli calling for "unity" and "help" to make "change" reality: When criminals start complaining about their honor you can be sure they're in trouble.

In his integrally published discourse, Gustavo Perez never explains why he was thrown out of the police force in 1990 for taking hostages if he didn't take hostages. He doesn't explain why Martinelli already admitted that he knew about him having taken journalists and other civilians hostage during the US invasion in 1989. He just says he didn't do it and that there is no proof, despite a document stating the contrary.

Is Perez a liar? We definitely think so, and a coward to boot. And we're afraid that, given the state of affairs in our public ministry now headed by a Martinelli yes-man, he may actually get away with it. A war criminal heading the police force - el cambio esta en marcha!

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