Panama is open for business(1) scammer Monte Friesner

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Panama being open for business means that transnational fraud artists are more welcome than ever here. Take for example this guy Monte Friesner of the Panama Sailing School. Convicted of everything from arson to fraud. Runs a bunch of shady companies in Panama with his wife as a front. Good buddies with lawyer Herbert Young, who is partners with José Blandon. Business!

Friesner has all the characteristics of a first class con man, including the usual insanity when he is exposed. He tried to unsuccessfully hang himself out as an African lawyer and a host of other fake persons, including a ring of phony friends on Facebook.  This, we assume, is the kind of "business" you were looking for, Mr. Martinelli? Or else, why is this guy still here?

We also discovered why Mr. Friesner can't travel to the United States. Turns out he left a trail of business failures and bankruptcies there and he owes people boatloads of money. So he prefers to live the high life in Panama, which is, after all, open for business to hucksters like him!

Here's more on this guy from the Toronto Star, May 2003:

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