Templar Panama and The Silence of Martin Lamb

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Martin Lamb, the lottery-swindler-turned-real-estate-hustler of Templar Panama didn't like what we wrote about him; that he was trying to hype fake lottery tickets again land next to a Mel Gibson resort and a Carlos Slim marina that do not exist. First we noticed frantic searches on Google leading to our site - he was trying to figure out how high the story already ranked (very high). Then he sent us a series of emails from a stolen Blackberry, ranting and raving about marijuana and hookers.

Then he summoned us to his office to "talk things over". We said, "no way, José". Then he went quiet, or got more drunk, we don't know.

Such behavior, dear readers, is typical for these hustlers. Write something about honest people, and if they disagree you get a mature response, or invitation, or they send you documents proving you wrong. No problem. But write something about a con man and they start ranting and raving, make threats, they show up at your house with stun guns, file complaints, threaten your web host, make total fools of themselves and eventually go under in the septic pool they've dug for themselves. It's an underworld PR thing. They can't help it.

Anyway. While we sometimes wonder if there aren't any honest or at least normal people left in Panama, it really all comes down to a relatively small - but loud-mouthed group of foreign or panagringo scum that defends its turf in the expat rip-off market. Example: Templar Panama, the outfit where Martin Lamb is the second man, was initially started by Kevin Bradley the flood profiteer. Yes, that's right; what a guy! Look!

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