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Wanker - whom we just found dabbles in some weird safety shit these days - comes out today with a story that he tells in such a complicated fashion that we can't figure it out. Something with diamonds and investments and it's all a scam and it was done by Florida gardening people from Panama.

Where it gets hilarious is where he starts bullying a guy called Ciprian, who owns a Romanian web hosting company, for putting up websites for the scheme:

In talking to Ciprian on the phone be pleaded ignorance to anything illegal that the Spillers might be doing with the websites that he has set up for them. In an reality there is no way he could know what they are doing with the money, how they are handling the books, and if they are breaking the law or not. And that sounded good until I started finding websites in Polish that were pumping Udachu investments. So sorry, Ciprian, I no longer buy the "I don't know anything" story. And the next time I'm in Bacau City I'll look you up.

Oh my God, now he goes to Romania to attack some innocent guy with his stun gun and take pictures of his children!

But the really, totally "dumb gringo" part is this: He implies that because websites were in Polish, Ciprian would have known what the content was. But Polish is a Slavic language while Romanian is a - as the name a sort of implies - Roman language and they have absolutely nothing in common whatsoever. Great investigative work, Wacko Donnie!

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