Panama’s Escape Artist Roger Gallo in Legal Trouble

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Another scam promotor bites the dust. Panama never acted against him promoting real estate fraud, making money on scams and working as an unlicensed real estate broker, but the Argentinean courts are somewhat more efficient, it seems. A press release, from one Paul Hoffman in Panama, reads:

SAN RAFAEL, ARGENTINA, February 05, 2006 - Roger Anthony Gallo, the American owner of the expatriate website,, was the subject of an order issued today by a local court in San Rafael, Argentina, seizing all of Mr. Gallo's real estate holdings in Argentina. The court, after receiving evidence of Gallo's indebtedness and his refusal to pay his creditors, ordered his property seized. The court, under the procedures for such matters set by Argentine law, granted Gallo six days to provide the court with proof of payment of the debts. In the event that Mr. Gallo continues his refusal to pay his debts, the court will auction the properties and the auction proceeds will be used to pay the creditors.

Mr. Gallo, who has styled himself as an international real estate expert, had moved to Argentina after leaving the Republic of Panama where he was accused of being involved in a large land development fraud, selling real estate without a license, and making libelous claims and creating false reports in regard to the investigative reporter who exposed the fraud. Gallo's Argentina creditors have expressed their concern that Gallo may attempt to make a similar attempt to discredit them, and they are now seeking a court order to prohibit such action.

Hoffman Reports is a publisher of insider information for American expatriates living and working in the Republic of Panama and other Central American countries.

Well, well. Noriegaville is trying to get the court papers. Meanwhile, we did receive communications from worried people in Uruguay, where Gallo tried or is trying to set up shop after the Argentina debacle. To be continued....

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