Pedo Service Provider Found Dead in Changuinola

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minor_meBruce Crosby, a US expat living in Bocas del Toro about whom we published earlier because he was almost openly advertising his "services" for pedophiles, was found dead in the bathroom of his house in Changuinola monday.

Neighbors had last seen him on Saturday in the afternoon. On Monday, his phone kept ringing and they entered the house where the body was found. The PTJ has taken the corpse to David for forensic examination, although it looks like he died of asphyxiation. An agent at the PTJ station in Changuinola told Noriegaville that the hypothesis they're working with is that Crosby committed suicide. "We seized his computer Friday, maybe he got scared for what would be the result of the investigation and then took his life." There were no signs of robbery, $400 in cash was still in the house and so were his cheques.

Since Noriegaville published about the activities of Bruce Crosby and his business partner "Minor", the Bocas police has kept him under surveillance and started an investigation.

Last Friday, the PTJ in Bocas seized the computers of Bruce Crosby and "Minor." The hard disks are currently being examined by a special unit of the PTJ in Panama City. "This will take some time, because we also need to recover files that they may have tried to erase," the head of the investigation told us on the phone.

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