Panama Guide’s Don Winner now pumps illegal campaign donations

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Scam pimp Don Winner, here in some wacky video performance.

Scam pimp Don Winner, here in some wacky video performance.

Scam pimp Don Winner has a new gig: getting expats to donate to the Cambio Democratico election campaign. Here's what he wrote on his scam pimping website "Panama Guide" in an "editor's comment" below an article he stole from La Prensa, about the battle between I. Roberto Eisenmann and Ricardo Martinelli (Winner is in the business these days of stealing content from real journalists and then putting it behind a pay wall, which we have circumvented already long ago of course):

I took the time to translate this article because it clearly illustrates one thing - that there is no judicial security in Panama. Having the law or the evidence on your side really does not matter one bit. President Ricardo Martinelli is locked in a battle to the death with I. Roberto Eisenmann Jr., who is the owner of both Coronado and La Prensa [Eisenmann is not the owner of la Prensa, but the founder. The owners are various shareholders. But Don Winner and facts, well, 'nuff said - BanRep]. Eisenmann is 100% Panameñista [Again, Don Winner and facts.... Eisenmann actively supported the campaign of Martin Torrijos, who is PRD - BanRep], and he backs the Panameñista presidential candidate Juan Carlos Varela.

When Martinelli and the CD broke off their political alliance on 30 August 2011 (because of Juan Carlos Varela's involvement in the Finmeccanica case [This is unproven Martinelli spin, here parroted by Winner - BanRep]) Eisenmann and La Prensa went on the warpath against the CD and Martinelli [Again, facts.... La Prensa was highly critical of the Martinelli administration already before the alliance broke - BanRep]. They published a series of articles and reports about government contracts to build highways and roads, issued by the Martinelli administration to the company Transcaribe Trading SA (TCT). David and Daniel Ochy, who own TCT, went ballistic over these articles, and they sent their trucks and heavy equipment to block the entrances to the offices of La Prensa in the middle of the night, effectively preventing the newspapers from being delivered. And then of course, La Prensa filed their complaints.

So you can clearly see how this is anything but a "normal" legal case that's making it's way through the judiciary system in Panama. The two judges who were pressuring Ballesteros to decide to close the case - the President of the Supreme Court and the judge of the Second Tribunal (who are both above the position held by Ballesteros) were trying to pressure him into deciding to uphold the lower court's decision to close the case (forever). In these kinds of cases, there is no allowance for a second appeal, if two decisions in a row go against you. However if Ballesteros decided against the lower court, to keep the case open, then it goes back down for a hearing. In short, La Prensa and Eisenmann would win, the CD and Martinelli would lose - and they did not want that. When he refused to decide in the manner they wanted, they demanded his resignation.

Don't trust the Panamanian judicial system for a second, for anything [Except of course as a tool to harass journalists who expose the scams you're pimping, right, Don? - BanRep]. No matter what happens to you - and especially because you are a foreigner - the Panamanian on the other side of the table probably has more money, and better political connections than you. You will lose your case, regardless of the evidence, testimony of witnesses, or whatever the law might say. Even if they have to remove a judge to get what they want - they will control and manipulate the system to get what they want. Period.

There is no judicial security in Panama. None. Zero. It simply does not exist. Ricardo Martinelli and the CD own it - lock, stock, and barrel. And if (when) Jose Domingo Arias wins the election in May this situation will only become worse. Their control over the judiciary will deepen, as they continue to appoint more judges and to remove those who are not players on their political team. The only way you have a chance of winning is if your case is too small to matter, and if the Panamanian you are up against is broke, dumb, stupid, and ugly - and a member of either the PRD or the Panameñista political party. If that's the case, then it's a lock...

But seriously folks, if you are an English speaking businessman in Panama, now would be a good time to donate heavily to the campaign of Jose Domingo Arias and proclaim your everlasting love for the CD. I think they are poised to retain control of the country, and to keep it for a very long time. Make friends now, if you have not already. Only those gringos who are flat broke (and I mean, penniless) can afford to buck the system. Look what happens to Panamanians who are on the wrong side of the game. Do you think you would stand a chance?

Get it, dear reader? Panama is totally corrupt so you best join the corruptos and give them money. Also sprach der Wanker. That's how this piece of North-American trash, this useless little punk who was flushed down the toilet in the US and resurfaced in Panama, rolls.

For those dumb enough to even consider following any of Wanker's advice: The foreign businessman who donates to the Martinelli reelection campaign would be committing a crime. Foreigners can not donate to Panamanian political campaigns. It's against the law. So follow the scam pimp's advice, and if Navarro wins, you might find yourself in all kinds of deep shit.

Maybe now you understand why the US embassy strongly discourages people from having any kind of dealings with Don Winner?

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