New Gilbert Straub company in wake of COACECSS scandal

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moneydryingCOACECSS hasn't even been liquidated yet, but financial hustlers Gilbert Straub and Co aren't wasting any time. Your Bananama Republic has learned that a new corporation is marketing yet another round of "offshore certificates of deposit".

That company is called Sentinel Capital Services. There is no website, but we found the registration at the public registry: SentinelCapital.pdf

Apparently, people who bought CD's in COACECSS through Straub's now defunct Offshore CD Network company are being hit up to invest in yet more CD's through telemarketing calls.

A person named "Lee" then explains that "the money will be used by a commercial finance company that does “short term”, equipment and receivables financing".

"Lee" is in fact the president of the new company, and his full name is Leroy Albert Lukes, reportedly a former investment adviser and broker from the US. The secretary of Sentinel Capital Services is Mrs. Straub.

But what would that "commercial finance company" be? Carlyle Coutts, maybe?

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