Panama’s narco-ambassador p0wned by Venezuela

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Roy Chaderton

Roy Chaderton

Updated below.

Guillermo Cochez, Panama's narco-envoy at the Organization of American States (OAS) isn't making any friends with his recent rambling about the health of Venezuela's president Hugo Chavez.

Today, live on TeleSur and CNN, his Venezuelan counterpart, ambassador Roy Chaderton, reluctantly lashed out at Cochez and the ultra-right Panamanian government of Ricardo Martinelli. Reluctantly, because, as he put it, "I prefer to address the owner of the circus and not some entertainer in a colored dress". Then he addressed the comments and behavior of Panama's Willy Cochez:

"Mr. ambassador of Panama, I won't allow your aggression towards my country and my government, nor your venomous and miserable comments about the health of President Chavez, whom surely, following orders of your government, you wish to die."

And he continued to say that Cochez freely writes opinion pieces in Venezuelan media, even though he meets in Washington and Panama with ultra-right wingers and terrorists who seek to undermine Venezuela's democracy. He lambasted Cochez for supporting a morbid initiative of the Venezuelan opposition to go to Havana, enter Chavez' hospital room and "verify" his health status - which would be a world first. "The Panamanian ambassador must have had fantasies about Rembrandt's Anatomy Lesson, with the entire opposition dissecting the cadaver of a head of state", said Chaderton, before concluding:

"You are neither a politician, nor a diplomat, nor a gentleman; you are a yokel."

(The word he used was "patán", which is open to different translations).

Cochez did not respond. Article and video here!

Update: The Oligarch Daily - which frequently runs the most vile fascist drivel coming out of Latin America's right wing - has a response from the narco-ambassador, saying that he is "victim of personal attacks". Yes, you bet you are, dufus.

Update 2: Cochez just got double-p0wned: Minister of Foreign Relations Romulo Roux says that the interventions of Cochez were not authorized, that he was "improvising" in an "unauthorized way". This is turning into a major embarrassment for Panama, and we think that Cochez is on his way out the door.

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