Has Richard Fifer left the country?

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Legal trouble has once again been mounting for Richard Fifer, the former drug trafficker behind the Petaquilla gold mine. He was being called to trial just two weeks ago because he and his accomplices of Petaquilla illegally cut 55 hectares of rain forest.

So where is Fifer? La Prensa quoted a company spokesperson saying he was traveling in Canada. But we heard, from a reliable source, that Fifer is living in Spain these days with his new partner.

What does he do there? He promotes mines, of course. Spanish mines that do not yet exist. And it's the familiar pattern, with him recruiting the initial investors for the purchase of the mining equipment and supplies and he then leaves everyone hanging soon afterwards. That is, they get some equipment and stuff but the bills start going unpaid and it's all downhill from there.

The entire promotion seems to be based on a "get out of the euro into gold" kind of spin, targeting Spaniards afraid of the current economic mayhem.

The Petaquilla trainwreck  itself, meanwhile, was almost sequestered (or briefly sequestered) because they weren't paying suppliers. New rules have been imposed on them by those same suppliers and now they have to pay upfront plus an extra percentage.

Last but not least: For a good laugh, watch the video below. It's Fifer, who has bought himself a wacky "knighthood of the virgin of Guadeloupe", which is a nice piece of old looking new paper, with stamps, and autographs from shaky old men in funny robes.


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  1. Its’ amazing the buffoons be it fraudsters, politicians etc. the just bury themselves in Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. Seems they never heard of the term “Maintain a low profile”

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