PRD in mudslinging mode

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Now that Martinelli's approval rating is at an all-time low of around 25% and probably will stay there, the Cambio Democratico crowd can safely forget about any of them being elected as Panama's next president. So what to do? Organize back-up, of course!

And that's exactly what's going on these days. Martinelli has bought half of the Panameñista legislators, and they've jumped ship and joined the CD ranks in the National Assembly. Some PRD deputies have done the same. Martinelli is cozying up with Mireya Moscoso.

And, the PRD is in full delf-destruction mode because one half of that party thinks that Martinelli is behind Juan Carlos Navarro's launch of his presidential candidacy.

So, there is now this group "Todos Contra Martinelli" (TOCOMA). It includes Balbina Herrera, Mitchell Doens, Samuel Lewis Navarro, Ernesto Perez Balladares, Francisco 'Pachi' Sánchez Cárdenas, Laurentino Cortizo, Anel Flores, among others. They meet regularly at Balbina's house in Ancón, to plot and scheme.

They are not just against Martinelli; they're also against Juan Carlos Navarro, whom they see as a Martinelli proxy within their own party. On Navarro's side is also legislator Leandro Avila.

All of them hold regular press conferences to sling shit at each other, usually along the lines of, "You are more Martinelli than I am", and, "traitor!"

Of course this is good news for Panama. If the PRD ceases to be a political force, we will finally have gotten rid of a group of delinquents that still celebrates a military coup and dictatorship figures in its propaganda.

The traditional parties are down and out, collapsing under the weight of their own corruption. The future is for the independents!

2 thoughts on “PRD in mudslinging mode

  1. Martinelli is a fcking idiot. Balbina is not the clever snappy chick of the 80’s. the only option for the PRD is to go with a new face and promoting a new national objective. all the accusations of corruption are very much as shady as the suppose acts of corruption. Martinelli’s estrategy to demonize the PRD is going to blow right in his face. he keep on taking loans to created a Chavez social revolution like effect on the population. but the people are just agreen to take advantage of his dumm ass. how can he build new hospitals if the current ones are in shitty conditions? is he going to build new shitty hospitals then? how about the social security administration? they don’t have money to improve the services ,yet they have plenty of money to buy the corredor norte y sur? all part of the great monopoly for transportation that seeks to choke san miguelito of free mobility,closing all access or basically charging to get in into the city, as if going into an ammusement park. he try to cheat the native ngabu with a shitty deal,uses often the press to created the sense of “we all agree” or to basically shutdown any group that may oppose his agenda of selling the country . how many projects have been finnance using the revenew from the canal as backing? so far ,4 to 5 years of net revenew have been compromise ,not mentioning the expantion it self. Martinelli will place Panama in such debt that we will lost the canal to a fucking bank. I hate to think that we will lose the canal for a bridge or a housing project that brings no revenew to a country that don’t produce nothing. (at least ,not in quantities required to support the economy of a nation alone) . all future generation of panamenias will have to pay in taxes their fucking life away. this bucher,created a taxation increase that puts in danger the atracction of panama as a retieerment paradise. I’m not against martinelli,I’m an independent ,however now Panama if you are not with him then you must be a PRD . is crazy how the assambly is so selective into how gets a hearing , and the judicial branch is more like a roothen tree, that obey te master yet don’t check or balance the acction of the other branches. so if a decition is made in a executive meeting ,the parts affected are ignore for hearings and can not use the legal system to fight back of negociated the dection.

  2. In Gangsta Panama all these old families are related, all the jews are related and the rest of the country represents a lapdog and lackeys to these two important groups. They have been controlling the past, present and future of this Godforsaken country in a relentless manner-hey inflation hits them too, so 10 million bucks is not enough for these bastards to spend-they have lovers, cars, houses, and what not to use that extra cash therefore they crave for more. The rest of the substratum(so-called Middle class), who gives a rats ass about them, they are just their lackeys, big time chupa medias. Give them a governmental position and they suck on that tit dry! TIP(This Is Panama) whether you like it or not, learn to live with it or get the hell out-someone would say. But Impunity is the name of the game here…Lovely ain’t it?
    Concerning the political parties, ha-hah a joke. What rules in Panama is cash, no matter where it comes from, like prostitutes, they just spread their legs or kneel down, get fucked get their money, clean up then squander it baby! Tomorrow we get more…
    In addition, Panama is a great place for a sociologist and a psychologist to study, you never know it is been done already without these people knowing about it. Here there are serious psychopaths, kleptomaniacs, abusers, and insensible mother fuckers(not the poor piedreros) but the one form the Club Union, the jews and the small, petty political figures like Balbina, Afu, Vallarino, and the rest of the gang. What are you guys going to do when Panama becomes an unlivable place? When all these people you have been lying to get pissed at you and decides to turn the tables around? What will you call them? Revolucionarios? Comumunists? Think about it. When the shit hits the fan, where will you fly? back to Miami? or make a deal with the new ruling group? That this is a far fetch idea? Look around fellows, look deeply around, you are getting a lot of people pissed: food is going up, gas, houses, you name it, all because of your unstoppable greed, drug related economy and money launder schemes. Do you think that the mestizos, Cholitos, Chombitos and Indians who work for you are blind? have no pride? You seem to forget what happened here in 1989… you surely want to forget, because it was not nice, and some of these folks turned against you and you know it. So think about it, keep on squeezing them but think about it, you never know what tomorrow might bring for you and the ones you love too much. Have a good day..

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