US Navy at Panama’s borders

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As part of the War on Everything, the US is invading Costa Rica. About 7,000 marines on 46 warships are sailing to the small country and will, according to the US embassy, "be able to enjoy freedom of movement and the right to carry out the activities that they consider necessary to complete their mission.”

The effort seems to be related to fighting drug trafficking. Which is of course nonsense. Reports Lat/Am Daily:

A proportionally very large amount of cocaine is busted in Costa Rica every year, and the country has become something of a bodega for Mexican and Colombian drug smugglers, what with its good infrastructure, weak judicial system, ill-equipped police force, long coastlines, remote beaches, terrible immigration enforcement, and ample opportunities for laundering money through real estate transactions and layers of shell corporations.

I’m not sure how well-armed helicopters will change any of those factors, unless you could make the National Registry more transparent by slipping a few Hellfire missiles through the front door . Probably wouldn’t hurt.

Anyway, keep ironing around that wrinkle fellas. You’ll win the war on drugs any day now.

Progressives are of course furiously opposed to what they call "turning Costa Rica into a military target". The Popular Movement says in El País that with this action, Laura Chinchilla's government is joining Plan Colombia and agression against Venezuela and other South American nations that are being threatened by the United States.

It is also mentioned that not all ships will patrol Costa Rican waters. That is further emphasized by the fact that last Friday July 2nd, US military vessels transited the Panama Canal under increased security.

5 thoughts on “US Navy at Panama’s borders

  1. Typical, this sounds like the United States world policing and imposing its will on other countries. Not to worry though, the states are going to crumble soon enough for their greed and aggression. We have so much debt we’ll never be able to pay it off, and their wasting more money and resources on trying to attack Chavez and “fight” drugs. What a joke. I hope complete collapse comes soon so Americans wake the f*** up. And I’m an American. Don’t worry were not all complete idiots, just the majority.

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