MasterCard® investigates Monte Friesner’s Pronto Cash debit card scheme

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Bananama Republic has learned that MasterCard's fraud department is investigating Pronto Cash, a debit card scheme in Panama that is run by Canadian fraud artist Monte Friesner. Pronto Cash sells debit Mastercards, which are apparently issued by the Banco Nacional de Panamá.

While Monte Friesner is not found anywhere on the corporate registry of Financiera Pronto Cash, S.A., he is in fact running things behind the scenes and may be a shareholder of said enterprise. His wife, Tatiana Nazarova, features as the president of Pronto Cash.

The investigation reportedly focuses on a possible case of identity theft. Earlier, Friesner was caught using the identity of a deceased Canadian war hero named J. Douglas Crashley, claiming that he founded One World Financial Solutions (another Friesner financial scheme), even though the founding date of that company was years after Crashley had died.

Something similar may be going on with another elder Canadian citizen, one Lawrence B. Heath QC. He is one of the directors of Financiera Pronto Cash, S.A. However, the real Mr. Heath is about 83 or 84 years old today. Emails sent to and comments posted on Bananama Republic which purported to be authored by Mr. Heath turned out to instead originate from Monte Friesner himself.

Is the elusive Lawrence B. Heath QC in fact Monte Friesner having stolen yet another identity from an unsuspecting victim? That's what investigations are currently focusing on.

Mr. Friesner, who was barred by the Canadian authorities from selling and/or brokering securities and serving as a director or officer of any securities issuer, after he had been caught promoting a fraudulent high yield investment scheme, has so far not been able to provide any proof of the real Mr. Crashley and Mr. Heath being alive and well and knowingly serving as directors and founders of his Panamanian financial ploys.

On the contrary, Friesner doesn't miss an opportunity to emphasize on web forums that Pronto Cash is a licensed financial institution in Panama. However, the kind of license he flies under is easy to obtain and equal to those issued to pawn shops and the like.

If the MasterCard investigation - and others that are on the way - indeed turns up yet another case of identity theft, this would indicate a serious lack of due diligence on the part of Banco Nacional de Panama before entering into business with this known Canadian financial criminal.

Until things have been cleared up, we advise our readers to stay away from Pronto Cash and its crooked promoters.

4 thoughts on “MasterCard® investigates Monte Friesner’s Pronto Cash debit card scheme

  1. The scam pimp never ceases to amaze me. Wanker knows full well that “Dr” Monte is a notorious convicted international fraudster, yet he still promotes his obvious shady scams on his website.
    The scam pimp truely has absolutely no standards. How dirty would someone have to be for Wanker to refuse to pimp their scam? Actually, don’t bother answering that, it’s a rhetorical question. I think you said it best once before, Okke, the Wanker’s never met a scam he didn’t like.

  2. The fees on this debit card make the America & Euro Banks look like Saints!

    It seems if you read the terms and conditions and the rest of this so call agreement it costs far too much to use, even when one uses it so called Internet Banking!

    Small time drug dealers and small time Money launderers will find this very appealing!

    This is truly a rip off beyond Whinner’s mental capabilities!

    Leave it to the Whinner to stick his hands into some one else pocket, just like the all the Mining interests and money launders he promotes for!

    He has to be one of the most selfish and sexual repressed Gringo’s in Panama!

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  4. Dr.Dias mentions an interesting aspect of all the enterprises that Friesner’s wife is holding, from the sailing school where Monte figures as “Dr. Monte Friesner, Ph D., CD. C.”, to the “Swiss Hannover” real estate agency where he figures on a photo titled “the European team” of the agency and these participations:
    Global TeleNet Communications Corporation – 50%
    Carlyle Coutts Capital Corporation S.A. (Panama) – 50%
    Financiera Pronto Cash 50%
    Panama Yacht & Marine Corporation S.A. 33%
    Genesis Building Solutions S.A. 33%
    Global Building Solutions S.A. 33%
    One World Financial Solutions S.A. 50%

    Interesting how several of these firms are interwoven, using the same personnel. Interesting also how she always owns 33-50% in the participations, while her hubby is named in several of them as part of the “team”.
    The 11 million Dollars that he swindled in Canada and never paid back could well be the origin of all these “investments”. Tatjana has hardly earned all the money that they have now and which Friesner is bragging with. It had probably also been used to pay for the Maserati that she had imported to New York in 1996.
    The best way to launder money is to create a lot of anonymous corporations in a country like Panama. A sailing school is a good legal coverage for an expensive hobby that you can hardly finance without making someone ask where from you got the money for it. Let’s remember that Friesner declared bankrupcy with assets of only $200 in Canada. One might wonder how a bankrupt person manages to live like a nabob. The answer is easy, just transfer all the stolen money to your wife.
    That this fraud artist likes Martinelli’s policy does not really make me wonder.

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