Silva Tree’s Patrick Visser joins Panama jihad on journalism

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Fired up and ready to go.

Patrick Visser of Silva Tree has filed a criminal defamation complaint against us for an article based on an earlier publication in the Christian Science Monitor and the Ripoff Report. Apparently, he has taken advantage of an offer made by convicted serial fraud artist Monte Friesner through the website of Don Winner to provide free legal service to anyone who wants to file a defamation complaint against your reporter (an offer that is illegal under Panamanian law, if anyone would care). Yes, dear reader, Silva Tree's legal affairs are now being handled by the in-house lawyer of Monte Friesner's corporations.This must be such reassuring news to those who have business with Silva Tree and kept sending us worried emails.

What Don Winner and Friesner are doing is simply trying to pile on as many legal cases against your Bananama Republic and its editor as they can, and they don't care if these complaints have any merit or not: The purpose is harassment, a kind of legal terrorism carried out by a group of hustler jihadis who see their rogue schemes affected by the light of day. They must all be pretty desperate.

2 thoughts on “Silva Tree’s Patrick Visser joins Panama jihad on journalism

  1. These guys never learn. As well as crooked, they don’t seem to be the sharpest knives in the drawer. Now they open themselves to much greater scrutiny as everything becomes public, they in effect raise the stakes in a game in which they have the losing hand.

    Unfortunately for Okke, he will have to spend money and energy defending against this junk. I never understood why the fiscales (prosecutors) in Panama run with any case that any idiot presents. There is no screening whatsoever.

    I had a civil case which was baseless in fact and law converted into a criminal action brought against me by a guy that didn’t pay his mortgage .

    He lost completely but not until I had been tried after suffered through a 3 year process. The fiscal and the judge of first instance didn’t understand the contract or didn’t care. The second judge tossed it out. This seems to be the norm rather than the exception. The problem is it is a huge waste of time and money for the victim and the system. The quality if the fiscales is unbelievably poor. They seem to be morally void and with not even the most basic understanding of the law. They are the professional and moral parallel of the bus drivers in the city. Little skill and reckless disregard for the well being of their subjects.

    • I don’t understand it either. These fiscals don’t even seem to worry about falling flat on their face taking such cases, like it happened with the Marc Boswell/Rex Freeman saga, and the Tom McMurrain affair. Any normal lawyer who takes a superficial look at the complaint Friesner filed will tell you that this guy’s legal representative has no clue what he’s doing, but the complaint gets accepted (although I hear it’ll be trashed sooner rather than later).

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