Panas and Ticos rally around

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Just as we predicted, Martinelli's capricious stupidity to waste taxpayer money and file criminal charges in Costa Rica against online paper El País is already backfiring majestically.

International news agencies have quickly picked up the story, and scores of Panamanians and Costa Ricans are coming to the support of El País and its editor, Carlos Salazar.

Below the articles on the subject (here, here and here) hundreds of comments have been posted, most of them in support of the publication.

"Poor Panamanians, with so much dictadorzuelo", writes one Tico commenter. And another one, from Panama, "Please continue to write what the media here are afraid of".

"The real threat to Panama's security are these narco-entrepreneurs who get into politics", states another one. "In Panama there is no freedom of expression, what a great example they give the world", a Costa Rican commenter writes.

And so on. We also learned something new about the head of Panama's state communications, Alfredo Prieto: "What moral standing does Mr. Prieto have if his fortune was made building Push Buttons that decorate La Chorrera and serve his money laundering business?"

The only support Martinelli really has in Panama comes from ultra right-wing scam promoter Donald K. Winner, who says on his ripoff website that the allegations are all false because, well, because he says so, basically. He also claimed that the US State Department has denied any of the allegations against Martinelli are true - it hasn't denied any of that in reality. Martinelli et al must be so thrilled to see this press agent for fraud artists and arms traffickers come to their defense....

And this is just day one!

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