Martinelli, Varela and Papadimitriu grind their teeth as they are read the script by Obama administration

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Last Thursday, Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs Arturo Valenzuela was in Panama and talked with - or better said to - Martinelli for three hours. And not about the raining season. According to Monica Palm, the meeting served to explain Martinelli that they're not happy at all up north with his attacks on civil society, hollowing out the State of Law and leaving national security matters to the Israelis. Also present: Vice-president Juan Carlos Varela. He didn't really get the message - seco, you know - and it had to be repeated to him that same night during a reception at the ambassador's residence.

Yesterday the seco king traveled to Washington hurriedly for a series of meetings with high-up people in the Obama administration, probably to be read the script again and in more detail.

And Mentirelli? He invited Magaly Castillo and Barbie Maytin for a meeting with open agenda. Then at the same time his people beat up a press photographer. These extreme right-wingers just can't help themselves.

3 thoughts on “Martinelli, Varela and Papadimitriu grind their teeth as they are read the script by Obama administration

  1. Just on a side note about civil liberties.

    Has it always been the case that there has been a day long curfew in Panama on Census day. After 8 yrs in Panama, I have never heard of this.

    I hear also that as a tourist one cannot be on the street between 7 am and 7pm if not censored. That sounds like a wonderful event for a tourist with only a week in Panama. Also, who is going to notify them. Apparently they will be subject to detention and fines if caught on the streets.

    I seem to be the only one who thinks that this curfew is, apart from being offensive, bordering on bizarre. What happens to all the illegals? Do they hide under the bed?

    Of course censuses are of use, at least to countries that need statistics to help determine policy. Panama however needs no census.When it comes to national statistics, they just make them up to justify their actions.

    The whole idea is just too weird for me.

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