Silva Tree’s Patrick Visser joins list of hustlers trying to sue us

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Patrick Visser, the head of Silva Tree Panama, just wrote us an email (in Dutch, translation to follow) announcing that his lawyers will start legal procedures to have what we wrote about him and his forestry outfit removed. We don't know exactly what that means, or where. Nor do we really care that much.

After all, what we wrote was almost entirely quoted from other sources openly available on the web, notably the Christian Science Monitor and a website called the "ripoff report". Is he starting legal procedures against those as well? Not likely. Schoolyard bullies like Visser are cowards deep down, and never dare to take on anyone bigger than themselves. Wokka wokka, more of the same, bunch of lowlifes having a circle jerk, what else is new in Panama - been there, seen it, and we won each and every time.

Visser in his latest email referred to a "legal opinion" available on his website, here. It says that he has, according to the law firm that wrote it, no criminal record in Spain. But nobody said he had. What has been claimed by several people on Ripoff Report is that they were swindled by him and that he left Spain before the police could complete its investigations. In other words, this "legal opinion" does not contradict what others have said or what was quoted here.

Same goes for a number of other things he wrote us - all very interesting without a doubt, but none of it applies to what we published earlier.

But hey! If this guy wants to shoot himself in the foot, who are we to stop him? Go for it, Patrick, ouwe prutsert!

12 thoughts on “Silva Tree’s Patrick Visser joins list of hustlers trying to sue us

  1. I heard recently that Patrick Visser, the Silva Tree owner, has now relocated from the UK to Israel. I can’t see any mention of this on the Silva Tree website, and I’m not sure why he’d hide this fact, but it comes from a reliable source. Could it perhaps be because Israel doesn’t have any extradition agreements with Spain, the Netherlands or the UK ?

  2. I am indeed living between London and Tel Aviv. This is public knowledge.

    I also have a daugther living in Spain whom I frequently visit. Is there something else you would like to know, or are you just about done?

    You guys are mad. What have you got to gain? I am not hiding anything and to suggest extradition would be the reason is insane. Maybe my wife is from Israel and is it her dream to live here?

    I assume this comment will be deleted again, just like the last ones.

    Well done Okke

  3. Calm down, Mr. Visser. As long as you don’t post threats and insanity here nothing gets deleted. And the issue is not where you live, frankly I couldn’t care less. The issue is Silva Tree.

  4. Dear Okke,

    You removed my comments from the other article written by you. You have not translated my email to you either, hence my reaction.

    The issue is indeed not where I live, but neither is the issue our company. Many people have now compiled statements, including ANAM, Eduardo Reyes (former vice minister of environment of Panama and current CDM representative of Panama), Ing. Herminio Rodriguez (Forest Engineer), Mayor of Chepo, etc and they will be sent to CSMonitor by our lawyers. This will hopefully make them see their mistakes and as such retract their article.

    That would take away the basis of your allegations against our company, although you could have researched this yourself by either calling ANAM, checking the land registry, speaking to the local communities, or going to the actual project. You call yourself a journalist, but you make allegations without research.

    We are all still hoping you will do the proper thing and remove your articles, as they are based on nothing and damage our company’s reputation, therefore the project we are doing and as such the local communities in the Chepo area. Are you going to dig the waterwells for the people without water, if our project stops?

    You have made a mistake by not researching our project or any other allegations made.


    • Sure enough, if CS Monitor retracts its article, that will be mentioned here as well.

      But look, I’ve been in this country more than ten years and name dropping related to these projects doesn’t impress me at all. San Cristobal, a noni/teak scam of which the head honcho was just released from jail, managed to get an actual vice-president to promote its fraud. Then we had Prime Forestry, promoted by president Torrijos, his wife, and with the minister of agriculture on the board of directors. ANAM approved all they did, also because its people were also on Prime Forestry’s payroll. Yet, even with half the government supporting or downright involved with the project, it spectacularly collapsed.

      So, I don’t really care what Panamanian officials or former officials you drum up or what they have to say. The only thing I’ve seen in this country is that these “expert opinions” are simply for sale.

  5. Dear Okke,

    What you should do, is jump in a car and go to our project, but I guess you won’t, as that would irrefutably proof you wrong and you would have to retract your stories.

    You still state “schoolyard bullies”, “cowards”, “prutsert” and all other childish attacks on me, which you have not retracted.

    I still stand by the fact that you are pretending to do good to the country and you do not. You refuse to read rebuttals, as sensational news floats your boat.

    The reports on ROR are from one person and you refuse to research that.

    As it is pointless talking to you or even getting you to investigate our project, i guess there is nothing more to do than wait for the authorities to request the removal.

    I certainly have given you more than enough options and proof that we are working in Panama and that we own land, but I guess the land registry is also for sale.

    Grow up.

    • I think CS Monitor already did a good job investigating your project. And I’m a kind of done listening to your threats with “the authorities this” and “the authorities that”. You can take that somewhere else. Also, I’m not sure how you think this does your project any good, PR-wise, raising the profile of the allegations against it by making threats and starting legal action only against a blog that quoted the original allegations against you. But as I said, if you want to shoot yourself in the foot…..

  6. Patrick, you seem really worked up about it. Why is that? If I would feel that somebody is an idiot and makes complete unbiased allegations against me I would not spend my time answering back to this person , I would rather spend my time more wisely and ignore that person.

    On the other hand persons who are “caught” and displayed publicly as possibly not so honest as they pretend to be, tend to do everything they can to tell the rest of the world that they are the most honest person on this planet.

    I knew you from Spain and didn’t have a very high opinion of you,there was/is? something wrong with your ethics, and to my big surprise I found out from a friend that suddenly you are holier then the pope with your very ethic project and bla bla to help the “poor people” from Panama.
    Mmmm, somehow I find that very hard to believe…….

    • Good question. I mean, I would consider it a negative if Panamanian officials, with all the rampant corruption here, would approve of anything a company does.

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