Dictator Martinelli will sign Cuba law

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The ego is mightier than common sense - Ricardo Napoleonelli

Because our National University is headed by a corrupt dimwit with a fake doctorate, our lawyers can't read or write comprehensive Spanish. And thus our judges and our politicians can't write rulings or laws. So our laws are a mess, nobody understands them, and they are only enforced randomly. See how that is all a sort of connected?

So now the worst of them all, the freeloading good-for-nothings over at the National Assembly have passed a law that is a sort of a potpourri of something for everybody and things-we-were-thinking-about-lately. It includes the article that will send us to prison if we close a street protesting all the crap that comes out of the Martinelli tin pot dictatorship.

Can Martinelli read and write? We doubt it. He can't even take and maintain coherent political positions. One day he claims that this anti-protest lawmaking business has gone "out of hand" and the next he defends it and announces that he will sign the law.

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