Papadimitriu, lo más grocero

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Shirt open, golden chain around neck, stupid babble - Papadimitriu is the number one vulgarian of our government

It's almost every day now that we can read evidence in the press that we have a government full of people who can't behave maturely and shout down anyone who doesn't agree with them. Calling protesters "maleantes de mierda" and the general "we don't give a fuck what you think" attitude are probably related to the mysteriously  high liquor bills the presidency has been accumulating lately - one could easily see these nouveaux riche vulgarians shouting and wasting their cabinet meetings away with drunken twaddle.

The rudest and most bad mannered of the whole clique - although it's a close call - is probably the minister of the presidency Jimmy Papadimitriu. Yesterday Panama was called before the Inter American Commission for Human Rights, and confronted with severe criticism on the way the Justice system is being administered in our country. The commission expressed it's worries about the lack of independence of the Public Ministry, and narco-ambassador Willy Cochez didn't really have a reply to accusations of threatening and excluding civil society and the rogue actions of the Martinelli gang.

And what does this dumbfuck Papadimitriu say today on Telemetro? He called the hearing a "show" and added:

"Estamos saliendo al país a dispararnos nosotros mismos en el pie como panameños... estamos buscando inversión y tratando de promocionarnos y no deberíamos salir a lavar los trapos sucios, los trapos sucios se lavan en casa"

Yes, of course they'd like to keep their dirty laundry inside. The best way to do that is however to grow up, manage state affairs responsibly, and offer mature responses to protests and criticism. Sea varón, Sr. Papadimitriu!

The same, by the way, goes for Martinelli. He commented on RPC radio today that the whole thing with the OAS commission was just three people looking for attention. One wonders what the president and his people are smoking.

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