Inequality increases in Panama

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Chaveznomics work better than anything else in LatAm, the UN confirms

La Prensa just ran a report quoting the UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (CEPAL). Latin America is the region with the highest inequality in the world, but over the last ten years there has been some improvement, notably in countries like Chile, Brazil, Argentina and Peru.

But not in Panama. Relentless neoliberal policies and looting of the various governments have not improved but deteriorated the situation, and if history teaches us anything then it will be worse under Martinelli. Forget all these "miracle projects" like the Canal expansion and the construction boom: We have only more extreme poverty and more extreme wealth. Congratulations with your investment grade.

And, who is the champion of improvement in Latin America? Venezuela of course. In no other country has inequality been reduced as drastically and rapidly as in the Bolivarian Republic of Hugo Chavez. That, Mr. Henriquez, is why the left wants to take over Panama too: Because your policies suck.

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