Obama wants Panama in Colombian war

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Frank Mora, the US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Western Hemisphere Affairs, said that Panama can not stay out of Colombia's problems with drug trafficking and guerrilla, because both may affect the Panama Canal. "Colombia's problem is Panama's problem, to think otherwise is a concept of the 20st century", Mora said.

He added that the police should be given the resources and training they need.

Let's get this straight. The Obama administration will supply training and equipment to a Panamanian police force that is headed by a war criminal who took American journalists hostage, and transform a civil police force into military combat units in violation of Panama's constitution.

The US has been doing this for more than a decade in Colombia, with no results whatsoever to show for its efforts and some of the worst human rights violations of recent history committed by those American trained and equipped forces. This is what we're inviting in Panama if we let the US government and Martinelli have it their way:

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Part 2

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