SUNTRACS: “Police only good for repression”

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Construction workers union SUNTRACS held a press conference and alleged that the rights of arrested protesters have been violated and that many have been arrested who had nothing at all to do with the protests. "The police is only good for repression", they said, and leader Genaro Lopez added that if the police made similar efforts to stop crime instead of repressing protests, the country would be a lot safer. Here's a video:

Again, the police started the violence in an attempt to stop SUNTRACS activists from protesting and distributing leaflets in Avenida Balboa. SUNTRACS accuses minister Raul Mulino of government and justice of being immature and acting on impulses of rage.

Mulino is a notorious racist who can't open his mouth without saying something entirely stupid.

Meanwhile, the government is making all sorts of attempts to look tough too. Martinelli said this morning that no more streets will be blocked and that he won't allow SUNTRACS to "play with me".

Best quote today - on the scale of insanity that is - came from minister of commerce and industry Roberto Henríquez this morning on TeleMetro. He said that "the extreme left wants to take over the country". Oh my God, Chávez is coming!

Tomorrow, Thursday 18th, there is a protest march at 16:00 starting at Parque Porras.

UPDATE: Raul Mulino just made it clear that he's heading for a frontal clash with SUNTRACS, saying that there will be no paying of fines or negotiating about the 200+ activists who were arrested.

2 thoughts on “SUNTRACS: “Police only good for repression”

  1. And things like this, is what is the most dangerous for Panama. Forget about numb-nuts Peres. Forget Mulino’s been a racist; Forget Martinellis compleat disconect with reality as leader of Panama. The biggest problem is if the citizens of Panama, start to gain distrust on the police force. Once that is fact, any chance to fight the real battle against violence in Panama is over.Once the police is seen as an oppressor by the common man in Panama, is over. But, what you going to do? Martinelli is some were, visiting Venus, while the typical panameno is scared of getting out at night to buy a soda, for fear of been killed by a crook who want to take his life for 10 cents. Crazy, man, crazy. Mean while, these morons talking dead penalty for children as young as ten years?

  2. these people are good for nothing, they are working for chavez and the rest of loosers, they are long gone, their time is over, we want Panama to go forward, they are a bunch of maleantes!!, pure P.R.D

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