“Mano Dura” doesn’t work. So let’s have more!

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You don't have to be really bright to understand that this "mano dura" thing against crime doesn't work. Countries with low crime rates keep these rates low not by implementing "mano dura" and putting ever more police on the streets, but by sane social policies.

In El Salvador, a country plagued by high levels of gang violence, they have had it with the mano dura approach too. They tried it, didn't work. In fact, it makes things worse. "It has brought us more headaches than solutions", said a government official.

Logically, in Panama all emphasis is thus on more of the mano dura programs. More police in the streets, throwing 12 year old kids in jail, round up everybody else too - everything to avoid that something might actually work. So brace yourselves, dear readers, because in the absence of sensible solutions and policy, crime rates will continue to go up.

2 thoughts on ““Mano Dura” doesn’t work. So let’s have more!

  1. Well, what if some of thoze 12 yr olds turned out to be 15-17 and were responsible for murdering people, put up to it by their gangland older bros. and cousins and uncles, who decided to let the minors do their dirty work cuz they were previously immune from prosecution. No longer, thankfully…….was an intelligent move, removing their immunity….but not to say it doesnt have to be intelligently managed…..in an out of control crime ridden, garbaged infested society, I must confess, that I too have been made a convert to the philosophy of “mano dura”. How else do u think any headway will be made in such a stubborn society and especially against organized “maras”? Okay, conceded………more and better education on one hand, and “mano dura” on the other………..lay it on em………just be selective about it!

  2. Really makes one wonder why an article like this doesnt generate more reader response, doesnt it? It also makes one wonder why they put 0 responses when I already left one….could it be cuz I dont agree with the writer?

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