Panama will end tyranny of the left in Latin America

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Lots of plotting and scheming going on by our leaders in heroic attempts to end the tyranny of the left in Latin America. Yes, dear reader, Martinelli embracing fraudulent elections and the new "president" (cough) of Honduras was just the beginning! The mouse of Latin America is on the war path!

First, Panama is conspiring with other healthy right-wingers in the hemisphere to have that communist José Miguel Insulza removed as secretary-general of the Organization of American States (OAS), following a wacky and delusional intelligent editorial in the right-wing Washington Post.  Insulza is of the opinion that "the critical test of our democracies no longer lies in their ability to hold free elections or in maintaining stable governments. Rather it lies in demonstrating that democratic governments are able to solve the problems of poverty, exclusion, environmental quality, and public security that beset the majority of people".

Of course we can't have such socialist talk about poverty and the environment, and his tireless efforts to undo the Honduras oligarch coup clearly demonstrate that he doesn't want the kind of democracy Martinelli & Co envision for Latin America.

So now, even though the ploy doesn't seem to gain a lot of traction in the hemisphere, the Panamanians have wet dreams of replacing him with Guillermo Cochez, a rogue lawyer and former mayor of Panama City who took drug money to fund his campaign and has thus been appointed as the Panama ambassador to the OAS already, thanks to his qualifications.

But that's not all. That leftist coca-smurf, Evo Morales of Bolivia, is organizing the Peoples Climate Summit in april, an unprecedented inclusive event where any environmental group can participate, free! That of course scared the shit out of our own environmental czar Javier Arias, who heads the environmental authority ANAM and knows little about the environment because his background is in finance, as it should be. So Arias went on a lunatic rant gave an intelligent speech recently denouncing the climate summit for being "more political than environmental" and "doubting Morales' intentions". To demonstrate that he himself is not political at all, he added that the summit:

...nace de un país del Alba y hay que tener mucho cuidado con este tipo de eventos porque podemos enmarcar a Panamá en esos países de izquierda extrema, lo que no es el norte del Gobierno ni lo que se quiere para el país.

Yes, dear readers, this Javier Arias works for the same government which recently gave the green light to the Petaquilla mine, an environmental disaster headed by a convicted drug trafficker. But hey, anything's better than leftists!

UPDATE: Doesn't look like the OAS plot will get very far: Colombia also announced it will support Insulza's reelection. Nice try, bozos....

3 thoughts on “Panama will end tyranny of the left in Latin America

  1. I enjoyed reading your views about what is happening in Latin America! True eye opener! I had no idea about the back ground of these goons appointed by Martinelli! Extremes, whether its left or right is always a fertile ground for business as usual.


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