WankerWatch: Don Winner threatens to beat up legislator Pedro Gonzalez

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Don Winner, the American scam apologist and content thief who publishes The Panama Guide, says on his website that he'd happily go to jail for punching legislator Pedro Miguel Gonzalez in his teeth. "Reporting" on the lobbying efforts of Prima Panama's Sam Taliaferro and Paul McBride who met with Gonzalez, Don Winner writes:

Here's a little background on the "bright and able" (terrorist) Pedro Miguel Gonzales - I would not have been able to attend that meeting because I would have punched the "bright and able" Gonzales in the teeth and happily gone to jail for having done so

A terrorist?

Gonzalez was accused of (being involved in) the murder of US soldier Zak Hernandez in 1992, just before US president George Bush the First visited Panama. He was acquitted during a trial that the US government claimed was flawed, with jury members and judges being pressured by then president Ernesto Perez Balladares. Gonzalez' father was at the time the president of the National Assembly.

Now this may very well be true as such judicial chicanery is not exactly unheard of in Panama, but we can't help noticing what an arch-hypocrite Mr. Winner proves again to be.

This is, after all, the same Don Winner who is licking the boots of numerous other PRD figures with much darker pasts than Pedro Gonzalez. Like for example Daniel Delgado Diamante - reportedly involved in the death of a Panamanian soldier (and many other things). Did he punch him in the teeth when he interviewed him? Will he punch any of the others having been responsible for or involved with killing innocent citizens? Nope. That's only if an AMERICAN soldier is being killed. Panamanians don't count for Don Winner.

Meanwhile, for the legislator under threat we have the following advice: Don't worry. Winner is a failed schoolyard bully. Worst case scenario is him showing up at your house with a stun gun to threaten your kids. For anything beyond that he's too much of a coward. Lo peor del boxeo. Believe me, we've been there. If you still have that gun, so much the better.

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