Homer W. Forster a/k/a “Dr. Leonard Adams” sentenced

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Homer W. Forster, a former associate of Tom McMurrain's noni and teak swindle San Cristobal and also known as "Dr. Leonard Adams," has been sentenced last Friday 2/2 to the maximum sentence under his plea agreement: 51 months incarceration in a federal facility with 3 years supervised release and $1.7 million in restitution.

The sentence is related to a case in which he stole over a million dollars from investors in Atlanta and fled the US using a fake passport. He then became an international money laundering consultant, assisting criminals in hiding the proceeds of crime as well as running exotic frauds and swindles. He was first arrested in Dubai, then released, and then arrested in Spain again and extradited to the US.

In his defense, Forster claimed to have colon cancer but said he was too phobic to undergo an MRI scan to confirm the existence of that disease. Earlier he wrote a letter to his Spanish lawyer - of which Noriegaville obtained a copy - claiming he was the victim of a DEA set-up and had no choice but to follow a criminal career path.

Noriegaville was the first to positively identify "Dr. Leonard Adams" as the fugitive Homer W. Forster. At that time, he was not only acting as a broker for San Cristobal, but also partner in a multi-million dollar scam with fake rock concerts, which involved UNICEF. That scheme may have been a vehicle to launder funds stolen from Dutch investors, a case that involves a character called Bob Petrovic and his daughter Ana Ann, a third rate pop singer.

Of his partners in that fraud, Gregg Rene Walter and lawyer George Gibel, Walter was later arrested in Gibraltar and extradited to the US as well to serve a sentence in yet another fake music concert scam. After his release, he teamed up again with Cleveland (Ohio) lawyer George Gibel and Bob Petrovic and set up the Paragon Entertainment Group which, showing off a Petrovic nightclub in Spain that no longer exists, dabbles in fake music events again.

This latest scheme will not just have to do without the illustrious Dr. Adams, but also without his wife Donna S. Lynch, who was sentenced Friday in Atlanta to 30 months incarceration in a federal facility with 3 years supervised release and $1.7 million in restitution.

(This story was originally published by this author on The Noriegaville News).

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