Gustavo Perez, what did you do with Valentín Palacios?

Valentín Palacios has been missing for over a month after being taken by the police. The situation in Panama is now so bad, and the opposition and the media so lame, that when the police disappears somebody this now generates far less response than during the dictatorship when opposition was more dangerous.

Human Rights Watch demands investigation into Bocas abuses

"Rather than trying to shift the blame, Panamanian authorities should ensure that those responsible for the abuses are brought to justice," said José Miguel Vivanco, Americas director at Human Rights Watch. "The special commission could help clarify what happened, but it is no substitute for criminal prosecutions."

Dictator Martinelli will sign Cuba law

the freeloading good-for-nothings over at the National Assembly, have passed a law that is a sort of potpourri of something for everybody and things-we-were-thinking-about-lately. It includes the article that will send us to prison if we close a street protesting all the crap that comes out of the Martinelli dictatorship.