Total madness in mining standoff

It's day five in the blockade of the Panamerican highway by the Ngöbe people in protest against mining on their lands, and the Martinelli government is ready for the psych ward as it continues to contradict itself on just about everything.

Police moves away from Martinelli?

theTnational police, it appears, is not willing to assume its habitual role of enforcer of Martinelli's interests as it has been doing during previous struggles, asking for dialog and contradicting the government's violent rhetoric.

Martinelli: Foreigners, shut up!

Your Bananama Republic - headed by a foreign journalist as well - doesn't think Martinelli has the stature to forbid us anything. Or, it takes a lot more than some xenophobic third world despot to stop us from protesting whenever the hell we want.

Oh my God, those indians shoot back!

If you invade you will be met with force, but this simple knowledge, passed from generation to generation over many millenniums, has somehow not reached the failed abortion that currently serves as our president.

Panama’s cartel de los sapos

This picture shows how three men try to kidnap Andrés Rodríguez. Rodríguez is a school teacher, and also a union leader, and he was one of these leaders our heroic government had on its blacklist of subversives who needed to be arrested for harboring contra-revolutionary ideas.