Scientology in Panama – Is Vivian One of Them?

In November 2005, First Lady Vivian de Torrijos traveled to Los Angeles and met there with a number of groups that are ALL Scientology front organizations, such as ABLE and NARCONON. Why? We don't know. Is she a member? We don't know for sure. But she is obviously not troubled by Scientology's weirdness and human rights abuses.

Panama Cupola Holds Secret Meeting to Rescue Canal Campaign

Last week was the pivoting point. The small support margin for the proposed Panama Canal expansion project disappeared and if a referendum would be held today, the proposal would be rejected. The pro-government newspapers have stopped publishing polls. There are protest marches in the streets by schoolteachers who demand decent pay for their work. The police quashes protests in the interior with tear gas when teachers march on the Panamerican Highway.