Panama spies, their cunning plans

Panama's intelligence gathering messed up with imaginary plots, a paranoid president, a spy chief scheming to get the Israelis on board and attempts to protect the government against investigations into drug trafficking.

WikiLeaks: Martinelli’s illegal wiretap scheme

On August 5, we reported how the US had tried to recoup wiretapping equipment it had previously donated to the Panamanians because the equipment was being used for unlawful purposes such as political espionage. Newly released cables from WikiLeaks now reveal how Martinelli tried to blackmail the US into assisting him with an illegal espionage operation.

Muñeco de la Mafia – How long does Martinelli have?

While Martinelli continues his Noriegaesque responses to narco-allegations, there is more and more speculation about him leaving office - voluntarily or otherwise. Varela appears to be warming up already, and clearly receives better treatment from the US than his boss. And, why isn't Martinelli making his campaign finances public if he has nothing to hide?