Total madness in mining standoff

It's day five in the blockade of the Panamerican highway by the Ngöbe people in protest against mining on their lands, and the Martinelli government is ready for the psych ward as it continues to contradict itself on just about everything.

¿Qué SOPA?

Disgraced Colombian corrupt intelligence slut Maria Pilar Hurtado yesterday joined the first international cyberwar against internet censorship from her Panamanian hideout - siding with the censors, of course.

Al Giordano’s authentic smear

One can always count on Giordano to deliver those who lost their livelihoods or their lives, or family members, another kick in the balls. Smearing a filmmaker who lost his life, chastising a man who lost his wife for not being emotional enough when he gives a speech - there's really no depth to which he won't sink.

US Navy at Panama’s borders

As part of the War on Everything, the US is invading Costa Rica. About 7,000 marines on 46 warships are sailing to the small country and will, according to the US embassy, "be able to enjoy freedom of movement and the right to carry out the activities that they consider necessary to complete their mission.”