Ngobe fed up with ongoing construction of Barro Blanco

The Martinelli administration is using the San Lorenzo agreement as a shield to finish construction of Barro Blanco asap. However, your Bananama Republic attended various meetings in the comarca over the last days, and it became very clear that a vast majority of the population is willing to take to the streets again to stop the Barro Blanco dam from being built.

Martinelli’s great Metrobus fiasco

One of the few good ideas, we thought, that our beloved president Ricardo Martinelli had was to modernize public transport in the city. Not too long after he took office, the first metrobuses began to appear. Everything seemed to go well, so of course they then had to screw it up completely.

Murder case leaves Don Winner confused

(Updated) - That's how well-informed Don Winner really is, with his inside sources and additional information and secret knowledge bullshit. One day it's a stab wound and don't you dare question his supreme knowledge, and the next it is in fact a strangle wound and of course he is always right.

Taboga turns into giant garbage dump

The once picturesque island of Taboga is awash in garbage, has not enough water, and more and more people get sick because of it. Commercial interests continue to attract more trash, while the authorities are either asleep or making some bucks on the side.