Battle of the oligarchs

In case you missed it: Our president is on a crusade for respect, peace and justice in our tiny nation and of course he can't use criticism from other rich people who just stand on the sidelines and do nothing. Like I. Roberto Eisenmann.

Al Giordano’s authentic smear

One can always count on Giordano to deliver those who lost their livelihoods or their lives, or family members, another kick in the balls. Smearing a filmmaker who lost his life, chastising a man who lost his wife for not being emotional enough when he gives a speech - there's really no depth to which he won't sink.

The Inter Nations Peace Foundation

Convicted serial fraud artist, arsonist and assaulter Monte Friesner has been pumping a new vehicle in his steady stream of fake press releases on his Pronto Cash website; the so-called "Inter Nations Peace Foundation".

Law firm goes offshore gambling

Who's José Ventura? He is a LAWYER! A lawyer running a gambling outfit? A lawyer buying domain names for a client? Is Compass Law also a sports betting house? HOW WEIRD IS IT GONNA FUCKING GET IN THIS COUNTRY???

Martinelli in radar panic

Ricky and Raul call the Italian embassy: "things have changed, Ricky, Berlusconi is gone, Valter is on the run, I can't help you, and don't call again. It's not safe. It's each on his own now, ciao".

Panama loses in war with France

So now, just in, the news that the French Senate gives Martinelli and his gangsters the big fat finger. Nada, niente, nitsjevo de ratification. The senators don't believe that Panama itself even has access to information it would have to share under that treaty.

Noriega still rules

Within just hours after the Iberia flight touched down in Panama, the government had managed to make a total mess of Noriega's return before the eyes of a baffled world press. What happened?