War on Halloween 2.0

Legisladron Alcibiades Vásquez Velásquez revives a law proposal to stop none less than the DEVIL himself from winning the hearts and minds of our youth through Halloween parties in the schools.

Trump Club Debt Crisis!

Trump Ocean Club goes the way of Greece, including bond debt restructuring, bank trouble, being downgraded and all the other fun that comes with the collapse of capitalism.

Lavitola for Noriega?

Berlusconi will probably take care of Noriega if Martinelli can keep Valter Lavitola, for whom Italian prosecutors issued an arrest warrant, safe in Panama.

Martinelli’s cyber digbats

Our beloved heroic drunken president Ricky Martinelli is sometimes inexplicably under criticism in the media, for doing things wrong. This obviously bothers him and his people tremendously, so they found a solution, in secret.

Chorrera goes psycho

Authorities in La Chorrera are rounding up psychiatric patients on the loose and putting them in pick-up trucks, to be transported to a concentration camp yet to be determined.

Gosh, it rains in Chiriqui

Because you don't get headlines if you're actually prepared for the annual floods, our brave authorities make sure that we get these "surprise" mudslides and collapsing bridges, for fun and profit.