Beat up nature-lovers in Boquete!

Since our visionary Martinelli rammed this "sausage law" through the assembly, our heroic national police has become increasingly creative cooking up new schemes for fun and profit. They've now introduced a new attraction to Boquete: Beat up environmentalists!

Panama, towards a hollow state

Usually, the process of becoming a hollow state is the result of non-state actors; the narco-gangs in Mexico or the Taliban. By attacking the state, they turn the government into an empty shell. In Panama however, it is the government itself that is hollowing out the state, and the process is now irreversible.

Martinelli implicated in arms trafficking

After persistent accusations of money laundering, narco campaign donations and ties with drug trafficking, president Martinelli is now being implicated in arms trafficking through yet another family member, who is Panama's ambassador in Italy.