Take the bus to Boquete, get shot at.

This is why we have all these police roadblocks and checkpoints everywhere, dear reader. Our golden duo, minister Mulino of State Repression and Insecurity and police chief and war criminal Gustavo Perez, are so busy shooting protesters in the face, killing others and shaking down drivers for bribes at these checkpoints that the criminals can do what they want!

The day after the week before

Street battle may be over in Bocas del Toro and daily life may slowly resume in the town of Changuinola, but we're only now getting a first glimpse at the size of the stinking mess president Martinelli and his government have caused.

Panama’s cartel de los sapos

This picture shows how three men try to kidnap Andrés Rodríguez. Rodríguez is a school teacher, and also a union leader, and he was one of these leaders our heroic government had on its blacklist of subversives who needed to be arrested for harboring contra-revolutionary ideas.