Muñeco de la Mafia – How long does Martinelli have?

While Martinelli continues his Noriegaesque responses to narco-allegations, there is more and more speculation about him leaving office - voluntarily or otherwise. Varela appears to be warming up already, and clearly receives better treatment from the US than his boss. And, why isn't Martinelli making his campaign finances public if he has nothing to hide?

Stop dreaming: Martinelli can’t and won’t stop crime

Today in Panama City a "Peace March" was being held, and president Martinelli, just back from Spain, promised there that he would finish off violent crime in three years and turn Panama into the most secure country of Latin America. Sounds great, but it won't happen. It's actually dangerous to believe him. Here's why:

Desperate Martinelli takes the bait, files wacky libel complaint

Of course it was only a matter of time before short-fused Martinelli and his government of muñecos de la mafia would take the bait that Costa Rican online paper El País has been dangling in front of their noses for over a week now, publishing allegations that connect Martinelli with money laundering, drug trafficking and wholesale corruption. And, yes! Martinelli took it hook, line and sinker and announced today that he would start legal action against the publication.